Kishau Rogers

Kishau Rogers is the editor and founder of The bigThinking Project. The bigThinking Project is a resource center and collaborative innovation project which promotes the principles of systems thinking. Our mission is to empower the next generation of innovators to think bigger, to think better and to create solutions which make significant impact in the areas that matter. Kishau Rogers is an award-winning entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the computer science industry. She is a serial entrepreneur having founded and co-founded companies such as Websmith Group, TimeStudy, PeerLoc Inc., and Websmith Studio.
  • Enterprise architecture for artificial intelligence

    Enterprise architecture for artificial intelligence The road to enterprise intelligence starts with the humans behind the curtain. This presentation explains how to reduce the friction of AI adoption in the enterprise using systems thinking and people-centered workflows. The future of software is being driven by intelligent applications. According to Gartner, by the year 2020, more than 85% of customer-to-business interactions…

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  • Data Iceberg Model for Machine Learning

    One of the pitfalls to developing production-ready machine learning solutions is the failure to identify the appropriate data assets. In evaluating the data assets to be used for your project, use the Data Iceberg Model approach to determine the underlying (i.e. not visible) structures that triggered the creation of the dataset. The following Data Iceberg Model can be used to…

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  • Do Hard Things : Creating a new path of least resistance

    Learn how to do hard things well requires building your muscle for making difficult choices, understanding the structures that contribute to your advancement and eliminating competing goals. Structural tension can help you discover how to create advancing patterns and to sustain advancement. This concept is applicable whether you're building a business or building a life.

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  • LIVE Courses: Getting Started With Machine Learning

    Getting Started with Machine Learning Using system thinking principles to guide your machine learning experiments allows you to maintain a deeper understanding of the elements that influence intelligent systems and will aid in avoiding the common pitfalls of machine learning projects. Join me on O’Reilly’s Online Learning platform, Safari, for a hands-on introduction to machine learning. You’ll explore scalable project…

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  • Drifting Goals & What To Do When You’re Not Where You Want To Be

    Recently, I was watching the viral video that Will Smith posted regarding failure, and I began thinking about goals; specifically, drifting goals. In a culture that places a high value on achievement, there is a noticeable tension between setting big-hairy goals and setting goals that you can reasonably attain, given your current situation. On the one hand, goals are supposed…

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  • The Dramatic Pause : Sometimes, You Gotta Let It Simmer

    Effort is overrated. Have you ever noticed someone putting forth tremendous effort to improve a situation yet still failing to advance? It’s easy to believe that failure is a result of not enough effort, however, sometimes failure is a result of too much effort or a lack of understanding regarding how things “work.”

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  • A Cheat Sheet for Knowing WHEN and HOW to think

    In thinking about your process for delivering innovative and impactful solutions, there are four commonly used frameworks and approaches: Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile. Determining which framework to use is dependent on what you're trying to accomplish. Also, I am framework-agnostic; I believe that each approach serves a specific purpose, many are complimentary, some have overlapping methods and…

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  • Global Awareness : Finding Common Ground with Unplugged Innovation

    Unplugged activities are performed without a computer. They are particularly useful in global training programs held in locations where technology resources may not always be available or updated. Here we demonstrate how teaching programming concepts without the crutch of computers tends to result in a deeper understanding of the concept. It is also a great way to find common ground…

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  • Systems Thinking Resources

    Systems thinking is a discipline used to understand systems to provide a desired effect. It provides methods for "seeing wholes and a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns of change rather than static snapshots." The intent is to increase understanding and determine the point of “highest leverage”, the places in the system where a small changes…

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