4: Building Solutions

  • Global Awareness : Finding Common Ground with Unplugged Innovation

    Unplugged activities are performed without a computer. They are particularly useful in global training programs held in locations where technology resources may not always be available or updated. Here we demonstrate how teaching programming concepts without the crutch of computers tends to result in a deeper understanding of the concept. It is also a great way to find common ground…

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  • Using Agile Methods with Systems Thinking Principles

    Transformational Information With Agile and Systems Thinking Transformational innovation requires a deep understanding of and commitment to addressing mental models which are often the cause of broken systems. This presentation will demonstrate how agile methods can benefit from a better understanding of the bigger picture. It has been stated that “more software projects have gone awry from management’s taking action…

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  • The Mindset for Innovation : Everything is an Experiment

    When most people think of innovation, they think of the execution phase. This is the phase where you’re actually building and executing your innovative idea. Very few people consider this developmental phase to be experimental; for many the innovation process begins with the idea and moves very quickly into the development phase, ending with a big product launch and millions…

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  • Your Innovation Team : 5 Critical Roles

    Who’s on your team? All great ideas require an execution team; the individuals that will work together to take your idea from conception to reality. Identifying the people that are not only trained but compelled to “do the work” will ensure better solutions and ultimately better results in the areas that matter. In recruiting people to support your project, think…

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  • Using Pseudocode to Solve Complex Problems

    The art of successfully executing great ideas involves becoming better at problem solving, listening & communicating. Pseudo-coding is often used by programmers. Writing a program in pseudocode is a program language-agnostic technique that involves describing the function to be written in a high level, plain-English (natural language).Pseudocode is not just for novice programmers, It is an excellent problem solving tool,…

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  • Prototyping with lean startup methods and open source tech

    Open sourcing the lean startup method Innovation plays a critical role in the survival of an organization. Now more than ever, businesses are forced to adapt rapidly, relying upon technology to improve their competitive advantage and to drive progress. In the new industrial revolution, innovation must take a 360-degree approach to developing solutions at the intersection of business, hardware, software,…

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