1: Discovering Ideas

  • Seeing vs. Observing : Sherlock Holmes, Con Artists & Customer Discovery

    Understanding your audience is an important part of our daily lives. Certainly it’s critical to know your audience if you are tasked with creating solutions that impact their world. One of the phases of innovation is “Customer Discovery.” During this phase, your goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.  A common mistake is to use this discovery time to sell…

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  • Habits of Big Thinkers

    Discoverer Discovery is important in fine-tuning your perspective by learning the system’s structure, the triggers for change and the underlying mental model of everyone involved. Able to change perspectives to increase understanding. Recognizes that a system’s structure generates its behavior. Has a need to understand “why” before making decisions and taking action. Seeks to understand the big picture Seeks to understand…

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  • VIDEO : The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink (TED)

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