• 4: Building Solutions

    Data Iceberg Model for Machine Learning

    One of the pitfalls to developing production-ready machine learning solutions is the failure to identify the appropriate data assets. In evaluating the data assets to be used for your project, use the Data Iceberg Model approach to determine the underlying (i.e. not visible) structures that triggered the creation of the dataset. The following Data Iceberg Model can be used to…

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  • Principles

    The Iceberg Model for Problem-Solving

    Great problem solvers spend more time understanding the problem than they do brainstorming solutions. The solution is evident if you truly understand the problem. A problem solver’s greatest leverage is directly related to their understanding of the problem. The real problem. What’s the real problem? How do you determine “What’s the problem?” Systems thinkers often use the Iceberg Model. We…

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  • Tools

    The Iceberg (Worksheet)

    Employing The Iceberg Method to problem-solving will lay a foundation for creating long-term, sustainable solutions.

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