• Do Hard Things : Creating a new path of least resistance

    Learn how to do hard things well requires building your muscle for making difficult choices, understanding the structures that contribute to your advancement and eliminating competing goals. Structural tension can help you discover how to create advancing patterns and to sustain advancement. This concept is applicable whether you're building a business or building a life.

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  • A Cheat Sheet for Knowing WHEN and HOW to think

    In thinking about your process for delivering innovative and impactful solutions, there are four commonly used frameworks and approaches: Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile. Determining which framework to use is dependent on what you're trying to accomplish. Also, I am framework-agnostic; I believe that each approach serves a specific purpose, many are complimentary, some have overlapping methods and…

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  • Global Awareness : Finding Common Ground with Unplugged Innovation

    Unplugged activities are performed without a computer. They are particularly useful in global training programs held in locations where technology resources may not always be available or updated. Here we demonstrate how teaching programming concepts without the crutch of computers tends to result in a deeper understanding of the concept. It is also a great way to find common ground…

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  • Your Innovation Team : 5 Critical Roles

    Who’s on your team? All great ideas require an execution team; the individuals that will work together to take your idea from conception to reality. Identifying the people that are not only trained but compelled to “do the work” will ensure better solutions and ultimately better results in the areas that matter. In recruiting people to support your project, think…

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  • Why is Systems Thinking Important to Innovation?

    Systems Thinking is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole; it is essentially the system of thinking about systems. Integrating innovation and systems thinking principles to influence how we mature great ideas has four major benefits: 1. Rapid Learning : Understand the Big Picture No product is an island. A product is…

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