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    How to Accelerate Innovation with Open Source Simulation

    Insight Maker: Accelerating innovation and bigger thinking using open source simulation Originally Presented: May 11, 2017 (OSCON, Austin, TX) Simulation models are great tools for performing experiments and for employing systems-thinking principles to visualize and gain a deeper insight of how one area of a system impacts its other parts. Simulation and modeling tools are especially effective for understanding the…

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    Simulation & Modeling Resources

    Simulation & Modeling Resources Presentations OSCON 2017: Insight Maker – Accelerating innovation and bigger thinking using open source simulation AGILE 2017: Transformational Innovation: How Agile can benefit from systems thinking Featured Tools Insight Maker is a web-based, free open-free simulation platform. Overview of Insight Maker on Kumu Getting Started with Insight Maker Types of Models  Modeling Mindset The Iceberg Method for…

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  • 2: Understanding Problems

    Identify Areas of Highest Leverage (airport scenario)

    There is a system thinking principle that states that small changes can produce big results, however, these changes are often the least obvious. These small, impactful changes are commonly referred to as the areas of highest leverage. Always look for opportunities to make a small change that will produce a big result. Win-win. Identify the Problem – Airport Security Chaos…

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