problem solving

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    The Dramatic Pause : Sometimes, You Gotta Let It Simmer

    Effort is overrated. Have you ever noticed someone putting forth tremendous effort to improve a situation yet still failing to advance? It’s easy to believe that failure is a result of not enough effort, however, sometimes failure is a result of too much effort or a lack of understanding regarding how things “work.”

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  • Methodologies

    A Cheat Sheet for Knowing WHEN and HOW to think

    In thinking about your process for delivering innovative and impactful solutions, there are four commonly used frameworks and approaches: Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile. Determining which framework to use is dependent on what you're trying to accomplish. Also, I am framework-agnostic; I believe that each approach serves a specific purpose, many are complimentary, some have overlapping methods and…

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  • 4: Building Solutions

    Using Pseudocode to Solve Complex Problems

    The art of successfully executing great ideas involves becoming better at problem solving, listening & communicating. Pseudo-coding is often used by programmers. Writing a program in pseudocode is a program language-agnostic technique that involves describing the function to be written in a high level, plain-English (natural language).Pseudocode is not just for novice programmers, It is an excellent problem solving tool,…

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  • 2: Understanding Problems

    The Implications of Acting With Limited Thought

    Gene Bellinger, Director of Systems Thinking World, brilliantly illustrates the impact of not thinking a problem “all the way through”. In this example, Gene uses the simple problem of unsightly growth near his bird feeder to demonstrate the implications of acting with limited thought. This is also a fascinating view of how systems thinkers think through all problems. My initial thoughts…

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  • Tools

    The Iceberg (Worksheet)

    Employing The Iceberg Method to problem-solving will lay a foundation for creating long-term, sustainable solutions.

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