The mission for bigThinking is to empower you to use bigger thinking strategies to generate better ideas and to build, grow and scale solutions that make a significant impact in the areas that matter. This is bigger than technology. I am Kishau Rogers, a serial tech entrepreneur and the Founder of technology ventures such as Websmith Inc and TimeStudy. I have over twenty-five years of industry experience, specializing in using computer science and systems thinking principles to influence how we take great ideas from conceptualization to commercialization.


I started my career as a programmer while earning my Computer Science degree. I’ve often stated that the first half of my career was spent trying to master technology and the last half trying to master people. My biggest career challenges were rarely technical and often required developing a better understanding of people and systems.

I’ve spent over two decades coding & building software solutions and what I’ve learned is that the most successful projects are those that allowed more time for thinking, discovery, and learning than time spent executing, building and reacting. I’ve learned that one of the biggest failure points for technology projects is due to a lack of clarity regarding “why” or “when” technology is necessary and lack of clarity and transparency regarding the world we’re intending to create.


bigThinking is intended to serve as resource which promotes the use of solid thinking principles as a foundation for building intelligent, human-centered solutions. The site offers a toolbox of self-service resources and an innovation framework that follows a 5-stage approach to turning great ideas into transformational solutions. Solid thinking principles are the foundation for good ideas to thrive. I believe that we can make positive impact globally by de-centering technology as the answer and reimagining how to use it as a tool for solving wicked problems.


Good ideas aren’t nurtured on a schedule. They are developed, fine-tuned, and evolved through actual real-world experience. The bigThinking project was launched to develop a community of 1 Million Thinkers committed to the journey for successfully delivering ideas that make a significant impact.

~Kishau Smith Rogers