Transformational tools for wicked problems.


Discovery is about gaining perspective. Discovery is important in fine-tuning your perspective by learning the structure of the system of impact, the trigger for change and the underlying mental models of everyone involved.


Evaluation is the process of interpreting what you have discovered in an effort to understand its impact and how it impacts the bigger picture. Understand historical and current impact, cause and effect relationships and unintended consequences.


Successful brainstorming ensures that you are taking the necessary time to generate great ideas and requires prior knowledge and understanding of the system of impact and its connections.


The primary goal for building a solution is to test that the idea will make the expected impact. Understanding your desired impact and being clear on what you are testing is critical before taking action.


Measuring Results is the process for quantifying the outcome of your actions. Results should be measured continually to proactively identify opportunities for improvement and adjustment.


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