Artificial Intelligence : 4 Key Challenges Facing Engineers

Many of the biggest challenges that people working with artificial intelligence (AI) will face will be nontechnical. AI is often inappropriately treated as a magic bullet for solving ALL of the world’s...

Do Hard Things : Creating a new path of least resistance

Learning how to do hard things well requires building your muscle for making difficult choices, understanding the structures that contribute to your advancement and eliminating competing goals. Structural...

Femventures: Strengthening Inclusivity through AI

Femventures – a podcast on adventurous women in tech. We discussed diversity and how #AI can empower underrepresented communities through inclusive algorithms in the future.

Systems Thinking Resources

Systems thinking is a discipline used to understand systems to provide a desired effect. It provides methods for "seeing wholes and a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns of...

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