Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work : Superheroes Needed

For the future of work, we must broaden our definition for careers in “artificial intelligence (AI) engineering”, as the appropriate execution of AI solutions requires more than math, science and programming skills. Here are nine key roles that are necessary for the future of AI work and for people that are interested in using AI to solve the world’s biggest problems. Inspired by superheroes (real & imaginary).

INFOGRAPHIC: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
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The North Star : Make Smart Decisions Faster

As a person that develops technology solutions, your toughest challenges are rarely technical. Often it’s people, complex business rules, and dysfunctional behaviors that result in bloated, over-engineered solutions that ultimately fail. We often skip building a proper business foundation because it’s sexier to fail fast and fail often, but if you’re already under-capitalized, the best thing you can do is lay a proper foundation that allows you to simplify your decisions.