Enterprise architecture for artificial intelligence

Enterprise architecture for artificial intelligence

The road to enterprise intelligence starts with the humans behind the curtain. This presentation explains how to reduce the friction of AI adoption in the enterprise using systems thinking and people-centered workflows.

The future of software is being driven by intelligent applications. According to Gartner, by the year 2020, more than 85% of customer-to-business interactions will be carried out without humans. Currently, 81% of IT leaders are investing or plan to invest in artificial technology solutions. Given these trends, more companies are pivoting from preprogrammed software applications to intelligent applications. But while AI is a powerful tool for businesses, it can also lead to unintended and dangerous consequences, which are directly linked to the people and data that train the machines to learn

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  1. The Article Explains all the things related to AI in Enterprise architecture. Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the most important new technology today. It has clear use cases, and the value that it’s produced so far is indisputable – just think of the digital assistant on your phone, driverless cars, even Gmail uses it.

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