LIVE Courses: Getting Started With Machine Learning

Getting Started with Machine Learning

Using system thinking principles to guide your machine learning experiments allows you to maintain a deeper understanding of the elements that influence intelligent systems and will aid in avoiding the common pitfalls of machine learning projects.

Join me on O’Reilly’s Online Learning platform, Safari, for a hands-on introduction to machine learning. You’ll explore scalable project workflows and common pitfalls and walk through the steps for developing and deploying production-ready machine learning solutions. Throughout the course, I will incorporate systems thinking principles as a foundation for improving algorithmic performance, providing a deeper understanding of the assumptions and elements (systems) that will influence (train) your models. This hybrid approach integrating machine learning with systems thinking improves a project’s effectiveness and ultimately supports the goal of developing machine learning solutions that make a positive impact in the areas that matter.

Each course will feature a different use case. See below for course details and registration information.

Course Date Training Partner Use Case Course Details & Registration
May 10, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Employee Time
May 21, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Creditworthiness
June 12, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Timesheets
July 12, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Predicting Loan Repayments
September 5, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Creditworthiness
October 15, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) Customer Retention
November 15, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) TBD
December 12, 2018 O’Reilly Media (Safari) TBD

Kishau Rogers

Kishau Rogers is the editor and founder of The bigThinking Project. The bigThinking Project is a resource center and collaborative innovation project which promotes the principles of systems thinking. Our mission is to empower the next generation of innovators to think bigger, to think better and to create solutions which make significant impact in the areas that matter. Kishau Rogers is an award-winning entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the computer science industry. She is a serial entrepreneur having founded and co-founded companies such as Websmith Group, TimeStudy, PeerLoc Inc., and Websmith Studio.

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