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The Dramatic Pause : Sometimes, You Gotta Let It Simmer

Effort is overrated. Have you ever noticed someone putting forth tremendous effort to improve a situation yet still failing to advance? It’s easy to believe that failure is a result of not enough effort, however, sometimes failure is a result of too much effort or a lack of understanding regarding how things “work.”
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Using Pseudocode to Solve Complex Problems

Pseudocode is not just for novice programmers, It is an excellent problem solving tool, particularly for writing complex algorithms. It also works well as a follow-up to creating well thought-out user scenarios and user stories. It is a great method for uncovering unclear decisions, hidden side effects, and for defining all inputs, outputs and interactions needed to effectively solve a problem.
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The Iceberg (Worksheet)

Employing The Iceberg Method to problem-solving will lay a foundation for creating long-term, sustainable solutions.